Complete Guide to Mobile App Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a proven way to know what users actually do while on your app. They are visual representations that aid in understanding user behavior and user experience.

With the help of this guide, you will:

  • Discover 6 ways to use mobile app heatmaps.
  • Learn to increase conversions with heatmaps.
  • Set up heatmaps for your own app.

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If you aren't benefiting from heatmaps analysis yet, you should be. Understand where your users are struggling with the design of your app and make confident data-driven decisions.

Don't let your users get frustrated and provide them with the experience they deserve. Heatmaps for mobile apps open up new opportunities for user behavior analysis.

  • Learn to read a heatmap.
  • Understand the difference between web and mobile app heatmaps.
  • Know how heatmaps fit into the analytics landscape.

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We now use UXCam to validate our product ideas and test out hypotheses with raw, actionable user insights.


Gaurav Jain Lead Product Manager

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If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what’s going on. Playing a key role across multiple teams, UXCam is now an integral part of the launch and live ops strategy.

Costa Coffee

Daniel Tomlinson Global Digital Analytics Manager

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Lori Hahn

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