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App analysis: Tinder vs. Bumble

The champion of dating apps and its fiercest competitor seek to serve as a bridge to connect users. UX plays a huge role in how effectively they fulfill their purpose.

What features and design choices facilitate the ability to make a connection? How do the UI and the UX of these lifestyle apps compare? Let’s find out.


You can expect:

  • A thorough UX audit of the Tinder and Bumble apps
  • 70+ screenshots that illustrate every aspect of the analysis
  • Insights that you can apply to your own app

Here's the deal:

The little details matter when it comes to UX. As a consequence, looking at the whole isn't enough. Your users will go through different screens, flows and experiences, so you need to cater to every user and situation to provide them with a seamless UX.

Whether you work on a lifestyle app or not, you'll be able to get UX takeaways applicable to your product.
We analyze areas like:

  • Onboarding
  • Setting up your profile
  • Usability
  • Liking (swiping left & right)
  • Engagement
AA_Cover_Bumbel vs Tinder
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Customer stories

Luis Bitencourt-Emilio about UXCam
"UXCam helps us to identify potential friction points during our order flow that could cause users not to complete an order. Based on that, we make adjustments targeted at those friction points to streamline our flows and increase our conversion rates."
Luis Bitencourt-Emilio , Chief Product Officer
Erin Mayer about UXCam
"We've been using UXCam regularly and found it especially helpful as we introduced a new user flow within our app recently. The video tool even helped us to uncover a bug that was occurring within the new flow, so that in particular was a huge win with using the product!"
Erin Mayer , Product Manager