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App Analysis: IKEA vs. Wayfair

The Swedish giant and the e-commerce titan have something in common: They want you to furnish and decorate your home with their products.

While they share an end goal, both their apps and approaches are quite different. Let's see who does it better.


UX App Analysis IKEA Wayfair

You can expect:

  • A thorough UX audit of the IKEA and Wayfair apps
  • 60+ screenshots that illustrate every aspect of the analysis
  • Insights that you can apply to your own app

Here's the deal:

Good UX isn't determined by a set list of factors, but there are some you should keep in mind when building an app. Different apps will call for different UX needs, but reviewing what others are doing is a smart way of knowing what works — and what doesn't.

These are some of the key areas that are particularly important for a furniture and décor app:

  • Onboarding
  • Usability
  • Designing and decorating a room
  • Checkout process
  • Engagement
UX App Analysis IKEA App Onboarding
UX App Analysis Wayfair App Onboarding

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